Top Aliexpress Alternatives for Dropshipping Success 2023

Dropshipping is bigger than ever in 2023. If you thought it was just a faze, think again. It’s here to stay and it’s about time we found an Aliexpress alternative.

Dropshipping is just another way to setup a side hustle and in 2023, if you don’t have a side hustle, get researching and finding something you can do online to make some extra money.

The Aliexpress marketplace sells thousands of different products by predominately Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. Dropshippers and online e-retailers go to find a massive array of products that can be dropshipped or bought in bulk.

But because its so popular, you’ll find the same products getting sold over and over again making it more difficult for new dropshippers to establish themselves.

This (updated) post is a review of the most popular and top Aliexpress alternative marketplaces and platforms you can use for dropshipping.

Why is Aliexpress such a popular marketplace?

Aliexpress is not only a global marketplace with shipping facilities across the world, it is a well known and respected marketplace and has many buyers and sellers. Here are some of the main reasons why dropshippers keep coming back to buy from Aliexpress:

1. Huge Range of Products – Aliexpress has one of the widest ranges of products available online. You can find anything from gadgets, home and garden products, electronics and clothes.

2. Low Prices – Aliexpress is renowned for its competitive pricing. You can often find products on Aliexpress that are a lot cheaper than what can be found on similar marketplaces.

3. High-Quality Products – While not all products are of high quality, you can find reputable sellers and suppliers that are both reliable and sell high quality products.

Why compare an Aliexpress alternative?

Aside from the huge competition as already mentioned, you’ll find that sometimes really bad quality products are being sold. Plus, there is usually very long delivery times (30 days) and customer support is at times, questionable.

However, Aliexpress still remains one of the fastest ways to begin your dropshipping journey. With the thousands of different products, many integrations with popular platforms such as WordPress and Shopify makes it a no-brainer.

But, Aliexpress dropshipping does have disadvantages. For example, you’ll find it difficult to find winning products that are not getting sold by thousands of other sellers. To be successful with Aliexpress, its necessary to build good relationships with suppliers so you can not only get the best price, but access to new products as they become available.

Its also worth noting, shipping usually takes between 20-30 days for most sellers to deliver products to US and Europe, although some sellers have faster shipping times in the US.

Despite all that, If you are still interested in starting a dropshipping business in 2022, here are some popular and great alternatives to Aliexpress which you should consider.

Top Aliexpress Alternatives for Dropshipping


Eprolo - aliexpress alternative
Eprolo – free dropshipping

The best thing about EPROLO is that its free to use. They also offer a great branding service and can take care of product sourcing, order fulfilment and inventory management.

You can easily integrate EPROLO with a WordPress Plugin and other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Shoplazza and eBay to enable the importing of products and auto managing inventory.

If you still want to use Aliexpress, no problem. You can still use EPROLO to import products directly from Aliexpress, if you can’t find what you are looking for from EPROLO

Eprolo Branding

Are you interested in launching a clothing brand? EPROLO helps you to source clothes and offers the service to customise the labelling and packaging with your own logo. This is a great way to ship out your dropshipped products to customers with ease while buidling your own brand name.

Members can enjoy benefits such as customising labels, hangtags, packing bags, scotch tape, and gift cards and there is no minimum order quantity which means you can start with only one order.

The customised logos and packaging is a really unique offering from EPROLO which makes your products look professional and helps build trust for your brand.

Junior membership cost $19.99 a month and includes a custom label, hangtag and packing bag. Upgrade to senior membership and get custom gift cards and scotch tape.

Eprolo Print-On-Demand Dropshipping

Print-on-demand is a dropshipping model in which store owners outsource not just the shipping, but the printing of custom designs on products. This frees up a lot of time to focus on marketing and sales.

With Eprolo, starting a print-on-demand business is extremely straight forward. They hold a large catalogue of products and provide easy shipping.

It’s not far fetched to think you could start your own clothing brand from scratch in a day with Eprolo. Using their branding service combined with their print-on-demand service, you’ll be ready to start selling in just a few hours.

It’s also worth mentioning, Eprolo have direct relationships with reliable manufacturers that offer quality products as well as handling the order fulfilment and shipping which only takes on average only 4-7 days, globally.

Eprolo Summary

  • Offers dropshipping, print-on-demand and private-label branding
  • Short shipping from Eprolo warehouses
  • Tight integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms
  • Forever free dropshipping service


Spocket - aliexpress alternative
Spocket dropshpping marketplace

This Aliexpress alternative has a huge catalogue of sellers from all over the world offering thousands of different products. It enables you to dropship from Aliexpress using Spocket. What makes this platform unique is that you can connect with suppliers from the US and Europe where they offer shorter shipping times.

If you are a supplier that wants to widen your distribution, you can sign up with Spocket and connect with drop shippers from around the world to start selling your products.

You can quickly and easily order product samples from the dashboard to help with product testing with consumers and also verify product quality with suppliers.

With Spocket, your ecommerce platform of choice is synced, so all your orders can be viewed from within Spocket dashboard. Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix and WooCommerce and the more well known platforms that are compatible with Spocket.

Spocket Summary

  • No upfront cost to get started. Simply signup, connect your eCommerce store and start importing products
  • Create a unique brand identity with invoices that are branded.
  • Spocket offers a wide selection of high-quality products from reliable U.S., EU, and global suppliers with fast shipping.
  • All products have heavy discounts of 30-40% whereas some discounts are even exclusive to Spocket.
  • Option to scrape and import products from Aliexpress if needed.


DHGate - aliexpress alternative
DHGate marketplace

There’s not much difference between DHGate and Aliexpress, but what makes DHGate a great Aliexpress alternative is that shipping times can be shorter. There isn’t much Its an online marketplace exactly like AliExpress with its main sellers are manufacturers from the Far East. Products are catalogues into around 20 major categories and numerous sub-categories.

It is a highly popular alternative to AliExpress and is used by many dropshippers. While you’ll find that DHGate and AliExpress offer the same products, on occasion you can find more competitive pricing on DHGate which makes it a great marketplace to use alongside Aliexpress.

While delivery times range from three to 15 days, depending on your location, DHgate offers other paid shipping methods to have your package delivered sooner.

DHGate Summary

  • Over 20 major product categories
  • Its main sellers are manufacturers from the far east
  • Faster shipping than Aliexpress at three to 15 days for an added cost


Oberlo - aliexpress alternative
Oberlo – dropshipping for Shopify

Oberlo is not just a Shopify app to import products from Aliexpress. Oberlo has now formed direct relationships with suppliers. This ensures that the products offered are of high quality. The way suppliers are selected, is by Oberlo actually visiting the suppliers warehouses to approve the product quality, making Oberlo a much better Aliexpress alternative.

On top of quality products, shipping is very efficient and reliable with 95% of orders arriving on time. They also offer automated click to ship ordering for added convenience.

Integrations between Oberlo and Shopify are seamless making the two a powerful combination.

Oberlo also provide Aliexpress product recommendations to dropshippers making it easier to select products for import. Then, once products are imported, Oberlo provide a suggested sale price and offer an automatic order fulfilment service.

Oberlo Summary

  • Tight integration with Shopify that benefits easier product management
  • Automated order fulfilment service
  • Verified and quality approved suppliers by Oberlo


Banggood aliexpress alternative
Banggood – marketplace

Banggood is another very similar marketplace to the others and top Aliexpress alternative. However, Banggood’s has built an efficient supply chain by sourcing products directly from verified manufacturers.

Banggood has 37 global warehouses and works closely with over 3,000 quality brands. This enables efficient and reliable global delivery of products. Similar to Aliexpress, it generally takes less than 30 days for most products to be delivered to the USA, Europe and Russia.

Delivering products to countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Peru and South Africa will take longer at around 90 days. But these estimates are average delivery times.

Banggood Summary

  • The large supply chain of verified and trustworthy suppliers
  • 37 global warehouses make international shipping fast and reliable
  • Trending products with high-profit margin


Salehoo aliexpress alternative
Salehoo dropshipping guides and suppliers

Salehoo is not a marketplace, but a trading directory of wholesalers and suppliers. You need to buy a subscription to gain access to the platform.

The unique offering it offers is a more automated way to manage your dropshipping stores and provides access to vetted and trusted suppliers.

Their SaleHoo lab is a powerful market research tool that makes it easy to find high-margin products in almost any niche. Furthermore, they offer two powerful guides at a one-time cost to help kick-start your dropshipping enterprise.

Dropshipping on Shopify guide for building a successful dropshipping store on Shopify and Amazon Product Launch is a step-by-step guide to launching your first product on Amazon. Both offered at $47 each.

Salehoo Summary

  • Over 8000 vetted wholesalers and dropship suppliers
  • Fantastic learning resource to get started in dropshipping and Amazon product launches
  • Automated dropshipping processes for your store

Other Aliexpress alternatives to consider

This is not an exhaustive list of Aliexpress alternatives. Below are more alternative for your review:

  • Tomtop
  • Geekbuying
  • Sellvia
  • LightintheBox

How to select the best Aliexpress alternative?

It’s very difficult to say with certainty what is the best Aliexpress alternative. Eprolo offers a few great services that when combined together easily enable you to build a brand of print-on-demand products.

Direct Aliexpress alternative, DHgate comes the closest, followed by Banggood where shipping times become competitive between the three.

If you are just beginning your dropshipping journey, you might want to consider starting with Salehoo. The premium dropshipping guides coupled with contacts to quality and reliable suppliers get the fundamentals covered so you can focus on marketing and niche research.

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