5 Examples of Great Video player UI design

Video player UI design is essential for keeping viewers engaged. It enables video players to provide a more personal experience no matter what device. Given the rise in popularity with video content on platforms such as Youtube, tiktok, twitch and Instagram, they are paving the way for more interactive video content that is far more … Read more

How to Configure PHP Codeigniter Routes

Codeigniter routes are a way of remapping the URI pattern to a particular controller. By default, the index function of the default controller is invoked, but you can override this behavior by specifying a different controller and/or function: In the example above, if the “blog” controller has an “article” function, it will be invoked for … Read more

Live stream player – the most popular video players compared

Live streaming is becoming more and more common as internet technology continues to make what used to be expensive and complex, simple and cheap. This means that more people are watching video online, and the need for a live stream player becomes more essential to web publishers. Part of the puzzle is using a compatible … Read more

A review of the Best Aliexpress alternatives 2022

Firstly, what is meant by Aliexpress alternatives? Aliexpress is marketplace selling thousands of different products by predominately Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. Dropshippers and online e-retailers go to find a massive array of products that can be dropshipped or bought in bulk. This post is a review of the most popular and best Aliexpress alternative marketplaces … Read more

Managing DNS for your domain names: in simple terms

managing dns for your domain names doesn’t have to be complicated. This post explains how it works in simple terms. Let’s start with what DNS or domain name servers are. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is a system that converts human-readable domain names into computer-readable IP addresses. For example, when you type “www.google.com” … Read more

What is simulated live streaming (pre-recorded live)

Simulated live streaming enables you to be live streaming to your audiences across multiple channels and multiple geographical locations at a time that suits them all while doing something else! Yes, simulated live streaming provides the freedom to be working on something else while live streaming your content.  What is simulated live streaming? Simulated live … Read more